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2011 Cross Country Season


 Lauryn & Nolan                                             Coach & National X-C Qualifiers                                                    Lauryn & Nolan


2004 Cross Country Season

2004 USATF National JO XC Championships


 Start of Bantam Girls race                                            Chyna pulls away                                                  Courtney digs deep for extra                                     Chyna paces with the leaders



Chyna receives  award                                       Chyna poses with All Americans                                Nicolette receives 4th place award                         Nicolette poses with All Americans



Nicolette, best in Region 1                                     Jubilant NY Starz supporters                                 Impressive Youth Girls All Americans













2004 AAU National JO XC Championships


Starz AAU team picture                                        Natalia Stays with the leaders                                     Bantam Girls pose after  the race                                         Neko struggles on


Midget Girls receive instructions                       Start of the Midget Girls race                                           Nicolette in contention                                              Nicolette tracks the leaders


Soroya tries to make a move                              Soroya explains race strategy                                       Start of the Midget Boys race                                               Shay pushes ahead


Justin sprints home in style                                Josh outlasts the competition                                              Brandon keeps going                                              Start of the Youth Girls race


Safiya sprints downhill                                           Mallory makes her move                                                    Lloyd battles on                                                    Tristan sprints to the finish




2004 USATF Regional Championships










2004 MAC XC Youth Invitational


Sarah Poses after the race        Sarah runs with Bantam Girls                        Bantam Girls and Sarah               Bantam Girls at the starting line



Chyna prepares for Cemetery Hill    Rebecca in close pursuit                            Natalia bides her time               Midget Girls at the starting line



Soroya ascend Cemetery Hill            Soroya passes key mark on trail            Mallory closes the gap                           Lloyd steps up the pace



Tristan makes his move                 Safiya stays among the leaders                    Rising Star on the go                            Coach Bronner keeps warm


Starz athletes share a moment with other athletes                                          


2004 AAU Association XC Qualifier


Sarah sprints at the start                     Chyna & Natalia track the leaders     Courtney tackles Agony Loop             Chyna takes over the lead



Courtney plays catch up                    Bantam Girls pose for a picture             Start of the Bantam Boys Race               Neko after Agony Loop 



Nicolette dictates the pace                    Soroya tries to keep up                            Justin on the go                                        Shaymar looking strong 



Lloyd & Tristan at the start line        Mallory & Safiya after the start                Mallory keeps pace                                 


2004 NYRRC Kurt Steiner XC Meet


Nicolette winning the 12 - 14 female division    Coach Derrick in gold shirt partially hidden         Coach Derrick leads the cheering section   



Starz President cheering on the athletes                Starz athletes on the go                                                Rebecca is all business

2004 Columbus Day Race


Ashley & Chia resting                             Chyna takes  the lead                         Chyna widens the gap                         Jende & Neko - winning duo



Rebecca steps up the pace         Natalia toys with the competition       Courtney, Natalia, Rebecca & Chyna                      Winning trio



Mrs. Ernest & Mr. Linley in the background






2004 NYRRC Harry Murphy XC Meet


Start of the Harry Murphy 5K Race                         Tristan finishing 5k race                         Mallory powers her way to the finish line



Start of the 10 years old and under race            Start of the 14 years old and under race                      Safiya leads the way



Nicolette in close pursuit                                        Soroya trying to keep it close


2004 NYRRC Fred Lebow XC Meet


Start of the youth 1.5 mile run                      Ashley - 1st in girls under 14 div 5k run                   Mallory - 2nd in girls 13-14 div  1.5m run



Soroya - 3rd in girls 11-12 div 1.5m run            Josh - 1st in boys 9 -10 div 1.5m run                      Neko - 3rd in boys 11-12 div 1.5m run    


Shay - 1st in boys 11-12 div 1.5m run                                    Shay sprints to the finish                                                                          Neko



Start of 1.5 mile run                            Start of 1.5 mile run                                  Start of 1.5 mile run                                      6 the hard way



     Mallory                                                         Josh                                                        Soi Sauce                                                     Neko



      Mallory                                                       Josh                                                         Soi Sauce                                                           

2003 Cross Country Season


2003 USATF Region 1 XC Championships


Bantam Girls ready to go                                   Courtney picks up the pace                                             Neko shows the way


Midget Girls, New York's best                              Tyeasha leads the field                                               Nicolette in close pursuit


Alicia gives her best effort                                       Mallory makes her move                                            Mallory pulls away


Soroya dismisses the competition                    Manu sprints to the finish line                                       Josh G poses after his race                                                                             


Chia is ready to go again                                     Ebun's trademark stance                                        Ashley smiles at the competition


Neko tries to find his way                                    Akintunde  takes flight                                               Donavan sprints home


Josh D finishes strong                               Tristan leads the field to the finish                                      Tyeasha & Nicolette qualify


Safiya shares a laugh with teammates             The Bantam girls take off

2003 AAU Association XC Championships



Bantam Girls pose before race                              Chyna won't be stopped                                         Brandon steps cautiously


Rebecca down the hill                                             Rebecca up the hill                                                   Tristan opens the gap on Brandon


Shaymar closes the gap


Van Cortlandt Park, NY

Midget Girls XC Team








China, Josh and Rebecca


2003 USATF National JO XC Championships - Albuquerque, NM


After some difficult races at the 2004 National JO XC Championships in Albuquerque, NY, the girls XC team find some time to relax and have some fun.