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Age Groups - 2013

Group                                        Age                                        Year Born

Sub-Bantam                              7 - 8                                        2006/2005

Bantam                                     9 - 10                                        2004/2003

Midget                                     11 - 12                                       2001/2002

Youth                                       13 - 14                                       2000/1999

Intermediate                           15 - 16                                       1998/1997

Young Men/Women             17 - 18                                       1996/1995


Membership Fees

Seasonal Membership - Indoors                                            $120.00 + (cost of events)

Seasonal Membership - Outdoors                                         $120.00 + (cost of events)

Seasonal Membership - Cross-Country                                $120.00 + (cost of events)


Conditioning For Sports Athletes

Training Membership

The purpose behind training membership is to provide athletes from other sports with an opportunity to train for speed and agility as well as work on their level of conditioning outside of their chosen sport.  The average cost of a training membership is $120 per season.  This price varies depending on specific requirements such as training locations, times and extensions to the training season.  The length of the season can be extended to accommodate preparation for camps and sport specific practices.  For more information and to sign up, visit us at one of our practice sessions or call (914) 473-3480.

Please print and sign the attached waiver form.


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