The USATF-NY conducts a variety of unique programs aimed at creating opportunities for our constituency through their participation in Track & Field athletics. Most involve the marriage of academics and athletics for those of high school age and younger. Among them are:

Every year, there are hundreds of USATF sanctioned events in the Metropolitan area and they all need dedicated knowledgeable volunteers. The most sought after are the USATF Certified Officials. These are the officials at the Chase Millrose Games or on the finish line of the Discover Card Mile on Fifth Avenue and the NYC Marathon. USATF Certified Officials usually receive a small honorarium to cover their expenses. USATF-NY conducts clinics on a regular basis in an effort to train and certify new officials. So, if you have an interest in serving the athletics community as a certified official, or you are conducting an event and desire USATF Certified Officials, please contact Sean Rice.

Emerging elite as well as established national and international level athletes are more than likely to be tested for performance enhancing drugs through at least one of the programs established by USATF, the USOC or the IAAF. In an effort to rid our sport of drugs, these programs involve both in and out-of-competition testing. Athletes and event directors with questions about these programs, and what drugs are tested should contact the USOC Drug Control Hotline: 800-233-0393.

USATF-NY's in-school program in elementary and junior high school athletics has been conducted for the last 10 years in New York Cityís Community School District #2. Since 1993, the program has also been conducted in Community School District #ís 5,6,7,13, and 22 in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. In 1997 a grant from the New York State Assembly has allowed On Track to expand again. The USATF-NY actually administers every aspect of the districtís track & field program for its elementary and junior high schools. This program is conducted under the umbrella of the New York Amateur Sports Alliance. The USATF-NY will provide T-shirts, coaching, competitions, and awards for over 10,000 children from over 100 schools for less than $20 per child. The long-term goal of this precedent setting, community service relationship between the public and private sectors is to be active in all 32 school districts. Contact the USATF-NY office for more information.

Started in 1993, the USATF-NY Sports Medicine Team offered FREE comprehensive screenings to any USATF-NY athlete aged 5-18. They are now offered to USATF_NY athletes of all ages. The screenings include eye, heart, lung, orthopedic and podiatry exams as well as counseling blood tests and x-rays. Over 3,000 children from beginners to national champions have taken advantage of this incredible opportunity, which is offered several times a year. The high number of previously untreated injuries and potential problems such as stress fractures, heart problems, or the need for glasses discovered has been surprising.

Also initiate in 1993, this is a unique fundraising effort undertaken by the USATF-NY to raise money to support the USATF-NY's age group track clubs. These clubs are community-based organizations centered around track and field, but dedicated daily to providing opportunities to their members to better themselves physically, emotionally, an educationally. Most clubs serve from 20 to 50 girls and boys and survive on budgets of 10-15,000 dollars annually.

The "Nationals" is considered the greatest high school track & field meet in the world. Over 2,500 athletes from every state and a number of foreign countries will compete. This is the only event where all high school aged athletes are able to participate regardless of sex, grade, school, or where they live. College coaches estimate that $3,000,000 worth of college scholarships are awarded annually based upon what they see at this meet alone. Although this meet is young, our alumni have already won 8 bronze, 5 silver, and 14 Olympic Gold medals, and dominate the current United States junior and senior lists. For further information or to obtain an entry blank, contact the USATF-NY office.