New York Starz Coaches Information Sheet

Mission Statement

To promote physical fitness and develop the skills of track and field athletes in a positive learning environment, while providing an opportunity to participate at appropriate levels of competition. 


Code of Conduct

As coaches, we represent the Starz Track Club on and off the field.  We are expected to display a positive and professional attitude especially in the presence of the athletes.


Coaching Expectations

Coaches should communicate their expectations of the athletes clearly and effectively.  These expectations should be age appropriate with the emphasis on short, intermediate and long term goals.  Most importantly, coaches should make sure each athlete is having fun.  If the athletes see that you are having fun coaching them then they will likely enjoy the experience with the Starz Track Club.


Coaching Development

Starz Track Club would like to assist in the development of its coaches.   The club will reimburse coaches 50 percent of the course cost upon presentation of a valid receipt.  The remaining 50 percent will be reimbursed after one year of coaching the athletes of the Starz Track Club.  Courses must be related to the events you coach or intend to coach within the club.


Head Coach - Derrick Hudson 

Certification: USATF Level II


Throws  - Sharon Bronner

Certification: USATF Level I



Club President and Coach's Assistant Rosa St. Lawrence, puts the high jumpers through their paces.

Equipment Manager and Coach's Assistant Steve Lawrence, gives instructions to the long jumpers. 


2nd Vice President and Coach Sharon Bronner, takes the throwers through their practice routines.

Mr. Alphanso Linley and son relax during a practice session.