AAU Athletics Program

AAU Athletics encompasses competitions in Track & Field, Cross Country, and Multi-Event. The AAU Athletics Program is comprised of eight age divisions (male and female combined). The athlete’s year of birth shall determine the age division that he/she will compete in.

For the year 2013, the following are the age divisions’ names and birth ranges


Age Division

Birth Range


Born 2005 and later


Born 2004


Born 2003


Born 2002


Born 2001


Born 2000


Born 1999


Born 1997-1998

Young Men/Women

Born 1995-1996


Also, for the track & field meet only, athletes born July 29, 1994 and later may also compete in the Young Men/Women division (this is not applicable in cross country).

Advancement up the ladder is by place.

Preliminary meets for the Junior Olympics are held at several sites around the region. These meets are open to all with no qualifying standards, and may have a limited schedule of events or limited age divisions. Their purpose is to provide opportunities for young athletes to compete.

Region I is made up of the following associations: New England, Connecticut, Adirondack (NY), Metropolitan (NY), Niagara and New Jersey.  The location for the Region I meet is New Brunswick High School, New Brunswick, NJ.

The National Club Championship is held in the same age groupings, is open to all with no preliminary meets, but does have entry guidelines. The level of competition generally matches the JO meet.

Track & Field Advancement

Association to Regional:

Top 8 individuals in each event, and top 6 relays

Regional to National:

Top 5 individuals in each event, and top 4 relays


Multi-events Program

 The AAU Multi-events Program is directed toward developing progressive continuity for athletics while providing exposure to competitive multi-events. The Program encourages multi-events programs and events at all levels of competition: Association, Regional and National. The AAU Multi-events Program is conducted under current AAU Code guidelines and follows the competitive rules of the NGB, and as outlined in the 2013 AAU Athletics Handbook

 Event Schedule



June 9

Metropolitan Association meet - Astoria Park, NY

June 28 - June 30

Region INew Brunswick, NJ

July 8 - 14

National Club Championship, Disney's Wide World of Sports ® Complex, Orlando, FL

July 27 - August 3

National Junior Olympics - Ypsilanti, MI


Cross Country

The AAU Cross Country Program is directed toward developing progressive continuity for athletics while providing exposure to competitive cross-country. The Program encourages cross country programs and events at all levels of competition: Local, Association and National.

Cross Country Race Distances



2000 meters

Bantam and Midget

3000 meters


4000 meters

Intermediate and Young M/W

5000 meters


Cross Country Advancement


Association to National:

Top 3 teams and top 25 other individuals


 Cross Country Events


October ??

Qualifier, New Jersey Association – New Brunswick, NJ

December 7




Future Sites of the
AAU Junior Olympic Games

Hampton Road, VA

July 26 through August 5, 2006

Knoxville, TN

July 25 through August 4, 2007

Detroit, MI

July 23 through August 2, 2008

Des Moines, IA

July 29 through August 8, 2009

Hampton Roads, VA

July 28 through August 7, 2010

New Orleans, LA

July 27 through August 6, 2011

Humble, TX

July 25 through August 4, 2012

Detroit, MI

July 27 through August 3, 2013