1992 Olympics - Barcelona

The year IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch brought the Olympics to his native Spain marked the first renewal of the Summer Games since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the reunification of Germany in 1990.

A record 10,563 athletes from 172 nations gathered without a single country boycotting the Games. Both Cuba and North Korea returned after 12 years and South Africa was welcomed back after 32, following the national government's denunciation of apartheid racial policies.

While Germany competed under one flag for the first time since 1964, 12 nations from the former Soviet Union joined forces one last time as the Unified Team.

This was also the year the IOC threw open the gates to professional athletes after 96 years of high-minded opposition. Basketball was the chief beneficiary as America's popular “Dream Team” of NBA All-Stars easily won the gold.

Carl Lewis earned his seventh and eighth career gold medals with a third consecutive Olympic win in the long jump, and an anchor-leg performance on the American 4x100-meter relay team that helped establish a world record. Gail Devers of the U.S., whose feet had nearly been amputated by doctors in 1990 as a result of radiation treatment for Graves' disease, won the women's 100 meters.

Other track and field athletes stumbled, however. After Olympic favorite and world champion Dan O'Brien failed to even make the U.S. team, Dave Johnson, the new favorite, settled for the bronze. Ukrainian pole vaulter Sergey Bubka, who had dominated the sport for the past decade, was the heavy favorite, but he failed to clear any height.

China's Fu Mingxia, 13, won the women's platform diving gold, becoming the second-youngest person to win an individual gold medal. In gymnastics, Vitaly Scherbo of Belarus, competing for the Unified Team, won six golds. Cuba made its Olympic return rewarding, capturing seven boxing golds as well as the gold in baseball.


Event   Time  
 100m Linford Christie, GBR 9.96  
  Frank Fredericks, NAM 10.02  
  Dennis Mitchell, USA 10.04  
 200m Mike Marsh, USA 20.01  
  Frank Fredericks, NAM 20.13  
  Michael Bates, USA 20.38  
 400m Quincy Watts, USA 43.50 OR
  Steve Lewis, USA 44.21  
  Samson Kitur, KEN 44.24  
 800m William Tanui, KEN 1:43.66  
  Nixon Kiprotich, KEN 1:43.70  
  Johnny Gray, USA 1:43.97  
1500m Fermin Cacho, SPA 3:40.12  
  Rachid El Basir, SPA 3:40.62  
  Mohamed Sulaiman, QAT 3:40.69  
5000m Dieter Baumann, GER 13:12.52  
  Paul Bitok, KEN 13:12.71  
  Fita Bayisa, ETH 13:13.03  
10,000m Khalid Skah, MOR 27:46.70  
  Richard Chelimo, KEN 27:47.72  
  Addis Abebe, ETH 28:00.07  
Marathon Hwang Young-Cho, S. Kor 2:13:23  
  Koichi Morishita, JPN 2:13:45  
  Stephan Freigang, GER 2:14:00  
110m H Mark McKoy, CAN 13.12  
  Tony Dees, USA 13.24  
  Jack Pierce, USA 13.26  
400m H Kevin Young, USA 46.78 WR
  Winthrop Graham, JAM 47.66  
  Kriss Akabusi, GBR 47.82  
Matthew Birir, KEN 8:08.84  
  Patrick Sang, KEN 8:09.55  
  William Mutwol, KEN 8:10.74  
20k Walk Daniel Plaza Montero, SPA 1:21:45  
  Guillaume Leblanc, CAN 1:22:25  
  Giovanni DeBenedictis, ITA 1:23:11  
50k Walk Andrei Perlov, UT 3:50:13  
  Carlos Carbajal, MEX 3:52:09  
  Ronald Weigel, GER 3:53:45  
4x100m USA (Mike Marsh, Leroy Burrell,
Dennis Mitchell, Carl Lewis)
37.40 WR
  Nigeria 37.98  
  Cuba 38.00  
4x400m USA (Andrew Valmon, Quincy Watts,
Michael Johnson, Steve Lewis)
2:55.74 WR
  Cuba 2:59.51  
  Great Britain 2:59.73  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Javier Sotomayor, CUB 7-8   
  Patrick Sjöberg, SWE 7-8  
  Artur Partyka, POL / Timothy Forsyth, AUS / Hollis Conway, GBR 7-8  
Pole Vault Maksim Tarasov, UT 19-01/4    
  Igor Trandenkow, UT 19-01/4    
  Javier Garcia, SPA 18-10  
Long Jump Carl Lewis, USA 28-51/2   
  Mike Powell, USA 28-4  
  Joe Greene, USA 27-41/4    
Triple Jump Mike Conley, USA 59-71/2w  
  Charles Simpkins, USA 57-83/4    
  Frank Rutherford, BAH 56-111/4    
Shot Put Michael Stulce, USA 71-21/2   
  James Doehring, USA 68-9  
  Vyacheslav Lycho, UT 68-81/4    
Discus Romas Ubartas, LIT 213-8   
  Jürgen Schult, GER 213-01/2    
  Roberto Moya, CUB 210-41/4    
Hammer Andrei Abduvaliyev, UT 270-9   
  Igor Astapkovich, UT 268-101/2    
  Igor Nikulin, UT 266-113/4    
Javelin Jan Zelezny, CZE 294-2  OR
  Seppo Räty, FIN 284-11/2    
  Steve Backley, GBR 273-61/2    
Decathlon Robert Zmelik, CZE 8611 pts  
  Antonio Peñalver, SPA 8412  
  David Johnson, USA 8309


Event   Time
 100m Gail Devers, USA 10.82
  Juliet Cuthbert, JAM 10.83
  Irina Privalova, UT 10.84
 200m Gwen Torrence, USA 21.81
  Juliet Cuthbert, JAM 22.02
  Merlene Ottey, JAM 22.09
 400m Marie-Jose Perec, FRA 48.83
  Olga Brysgina, UT 49.05
  Ximena Gaviria, COL 49.64
 800m Ellen van Langen, NED 1:55.54
  Lilia Nurutdinova, UT 1:55.99
  Ana Quirot, CUB 1:56.80
1500m Hassiba Boulmerka, ALG 3:55.30
  Ludmila Rogacheva, UT 3:56.91
  Yunxia Qu, CHN 3:57.08
3000m Elena Romanova, UT 8:46.04
  Tatyana Dorovskich, UT 8:46.85
  Angela Chalmers, CAN 8:47.22
10,000m Derartu Tulu, ETH 31:06.02
  Elena Meyer, RSA 31:11.75
  Lynn Jennings, USA 31:19.89
Marathon Valentina Yegorova, UT 2:32:41
  Yuko Arimori, JPN 2:32:49
  Lorraine Moller, NZE 2:33:59
100m H Paraskevi Patoulidou, GRE 12.64
  Lavonna Martin, USA 12.69
  Jordanka Donkova, BUL 12.70
400m H Sally Gunnell, GBR 53.23
  Sandra Farmer-Patrick, USA 53.69
  Janeene Vickers, USA 54.31
10K Walk Chen Yueling, CHN 44.32
  Yelena Nikolayeva, UT 44:33
  Chunxiu Li, CHN 44:41
4x100m USA (Evelyn Ashford, Esther
Jones, Carlette Guidry-White,
Gwen Torrence)
  Unified Team 42.16
  Nigeria 42.81
4x400m UT (Yelena Ruzina, Lyudmila
Dzhigalova, Olga Nazarova,
Olga Bryzgina)
  USA 3:20.92
  Great Britain 3:24.23
Event   Mark
High Jump Heike Henkel, GER 6-71/2
  Galina Astafei, ROM 6-61/2
  Joanet Quintero, CUB 6-51/2
Long Jump Heike Drechsler, GER 23-51/4
  Inessa Kravets, UT 23-41/4
  Jackie Joyner-Kersee, USA 23-21/4
Shot Put Svetlana Krivaleva, UT 69-11/4
  Zhihong Huang, CHN 67-13/4
  Kathrin Neimke, GER 64-101/2
Discus Maritza Marten, CUB 229-10
  Zvetanka Christova, BUL 222-41/2
  Daniela Costian, AUS 217-33/4
Javelin Silke Renk, GER 224-2
  Natalya Shikolenko, UT 223-111/4
  Karen Forkel, GER 219-4
Heptathlon Jackie Joyner-Kersee, USA 7044 pts
  Irina Belova, UT 6845
  Sabine Braun, GER 6649