1988 Olympics - Seoul

For the first time since Munich in 1972, there was no organized boycott of the Summer Olympics. Cuba and Ethiopia stayed away in support of North Korea (the IOC turned down the North Koreans' demand to co-host the Games, so they refused to participate), but that was about it.

More countries (159) sent more athletes (9,465) to South Korea than to any previous Olympics. There were also more security personnel (100,000) than ever before given Seoul's proximity (30 miles) to the North and the possibility of student demonstrations for reunification.

Ten days into the Games, Canadian Ben Johnson beat defending champion Carl Lewis in the 100-meter dash with a world record time of 9.79. Two days later, however, Johnson was stripped of his gold medal and sent packing by the IOC when his post-race drug test indicated steroid use.

Lewis, who finished second in the 100, was named the winner. He also repeated in the long jump, but was second in the 200 and did not run the 4x100-relay. Teammate Florence Griffith Joyner claimed four medals–gold in the 100, 200 and 4x100-meter relay, and silver in the 4x400 relay. Her sister-in-law, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, won the long jump and heptathlon.

The most gold medals were won by swimmers–Kristin Otto of East Germany (6) and American Matt Biondi (5). Otherwise, Steffi Graf added an Olympic gold medal to her Grand Slam sweep in tennis, Greg Louganis won both men's diving events for the second straight time, and the U.S. men's basketball team had to settle for third place after losing to the gold medal-winning Soviets, 82-76, in the semifinals.


Event   Time  
 100m Carl Lewis, USA 9.92 OR
  Linford Christie, GBR 9.97  
  Calvin Smith, USA 9.99  
 200m Joe DeLoach, USA 19.75 OR
  Carl Lewis, USA 19.79  
  Robson da Silva, BRA 20.04  
 400m Steve Lewis, USA 43.87  
  Butch Reynolds, USA 43.93  
  Danny Everett, USA 44.09  
 800m Paul Ereng, KEN 1:43.45  
  Joaqim Cruz, BRA 1:43.90  
  Said Aouita, MOR 1:44.06  
1500m Peter Rono, KEN 3:35.96  
  Peter Elliott, GBR 3:36.15  
  Jens-Peter Herold, E. Ger 3:36.21  
5000m John Ngugi, KEN 13:11.70  
  Dieter Baumann, W. Ger 13:15.52  
  Hansjörg Kunze, E. Ger 13:15.73  
10,000m Brahim Boutaib, MOR 27:21.46 OR
  Salvatore Antibo, ITA 27:23.55  
  Kipkemboy Kimeli, KEN 27:25.16  
Marathon Gelindo Bordin, ITA 2:10:32  
  Douglas Wakihuriu, KEN 2:10:47  
  Ahmed Saleh, DIJ 2:10:59  
110m H Roger Kingdom, USA 12.98 OR
  Colin Jackson, GBR 13.28  
  Anthony Campbell, USA 13.38  
400m H Andre Phillips, USA 47.19 OR
  Amadou Dia Ba, SEN 47.23  
  Edwin Moses, USA 47.56  
Julius Kariuki, KEN 8:05.51 OR
  Peter Koech, KEN 8:06.79  
  Mark Rowland, GBR 8:07.96  
20k Walk Jozef Pribilinec, CZE 1:19:57 OR
  Ronald Weigel, E. Ger 1:20:00  
  Maurizio Damilano, ITA 1:20:14  
50k Walk Viacheslav Ivanenko, USSR 3:38:29 OR
  Ronald Weigel, E. Ger 3:38:56  
  Hartwig Gauder, E. Ger 3:39:45  
4x100m USSR (Victor Bryzgine, Vladimir
Krylov, Vladimir Mouraviev,
Vitaly Savine)
  Great Britain 38.28  
  France 38.40  
4x400m USA (Danny Everett, Steve
Lewis, Kevin Robinzine,
Butch Reynolds)
2:56.16 =WR
  Jamaica 3:00.30  
  West Germany 3:00.56  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Guennadi Avdeenko, USSR 7- 93/4 OR
  Hollis Conway, USA 7-83/4  
  Rudolf Povarnitsin, USSR / Patrick Sjöberg, SWE 7-83/4  
Pole Vault Sergey Bubka, USSR 19- 41/4 OR
  Rodion Gataullin, USSR 19-21/4  
  Grigori Yegorov, USSR 19-01/4  
Long Jump Carl Lewis, USA 28- 71/4  
  Mike Powell, USA 27-101/4  
  Larry Myricks, USA 27-13/4  
Triple Jump Hristo Markov, BUL 57- 91/4 OR
  Igor Lapshin, USSR 57-53/4  
  Alexander Kovalenko, USSR 57-2  
Shot Put Ulf Timmermann, E. Ger 73- 83/4 OR
  Randy Barnes, USA 73-51/2  
  Werner Günthör, SWI 72-13/4  
Discus Jürgen Schult, E. Ger 225- 9 OR
  Romas Ubartas, USSR 221-5  
  Rolf Danneberg, W. Ger 221-1  
Hammer Sergey Litvinov, USSR 278- 2 OR
  Yuriy Sedych, USSR 274-10  
  Yuriy Tamm, USSR 266-3  
Javelin Tapio Korjus, FIN 276- 6  
  Jan Zelezny, CZE 276-0  
  Seppo Räty, FIN 273-2  
Decathlon Christian Schenk, E. Ger 8488 pts  
  Torsten Voss, E. Ger 8399  
  Dave Steen, CAN 8328  


Event   Time  
 100m Florence Griffith Joyner, USA 10.54 OR
  Evelyn Ashford, USA 10.83  
  Heike Drechsler, E. Ger 10.85  
 200m Florence Griffith Joyner, USA 21.34 WR
  Grace Jackson, JAM 21.72  
  Heike Drechsler, E. Ger 21.95  
 400m Olga Bryzgina, USSR 48.65 OR
  Petra Müller, E. Ger 49.45  
  Olga Nasarova, USSR 49.90  
 800m Sigrun Wodars, E. Ger 1:56.10  
  Christine Wachtel, E. Ger 1:56.64  
  Kim Gallagher, USA 1:56.91  
1500m Paula Ivan, ROM 3:53.96 OR
  Lelute Baikauskaite, USSR 4:00.24  
  Tatyana Samolenko, USSR 4:00.30  
3000m Tatiana Samolenko, USSR 8:26.53 OR
  Paula Ivan, ROM 8:27.15  
  Yvonne Murray, GBR 8:29.02  
10,000m Olga Bondarenko, USSR 31:05.21 OR
  Elizabeth McColgan, GBR 31:08.44  
  Yelena Yupiyeva, USSR 31:19.82  
Marathon Rosa Mota, POR 2:25:40  
  Lisa Martin, AUS 2:25:53  
  Katrin Dörre, E. Ger 2:26:21  
100m H Yordanka Donkova, BUL 12.38 OR
  Gloria Siebert, E. Ger 12.61  
  Claudia Zaczkiewicz, W. Ger 12.75  
400m H Debra Flintoff-King, AUS 53.17 OR
  Tatyana Ledovskaya, USSR 53.18  
  Ellen Fiedler, W. Ger 53.63  
4x100m USA (Alice Brown, Sheila Echols,
Florence Griffith Joyner,
Evelyn Ashford)
  East Germany 42.09  
  USSR 42.75  
4x400m USSR (Tatyana Ledovskaia, Olga
Nazarova, Maria Piniguina,
Olga Bryzgina)
3:15.18 WR
  USA 3:15.51  
  East Germany 3:18.29  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Louise Ritter, USA 6- 8 OR
  Stefka Kostadinova, BUL 6-7  
  Tamara Bykova, USSR 6-61/4  
Long Jump Jackie Joyner-Kersee, USA 24- 31/4 OR
  Heike Drechsler, E. Ger 23-81/4  
  Galina Chistyakova, USSR 23-4  
Shot Put Natalya Lisovskaya, USSR 72-111/4  
  Kathrin Neimke, E. Ger 69-11/2  
  Meisu Li, CHN 69-11/4  
Discus Martina Hellmann, E. Ger 237- 21/2 OR
  Diana Gansky, E. Ger 235-10  
  Szvetanka Christova, BUL 228-10  
Javelin Petra Felke, E. Ger 245- 0 OR
  Fatima Whitbread, GBR 230-8  
  Beate Koch, E. Ger 220-9  
Heptathlon Jackie Joyner-Kersee, USA 7291 pts WR
  Sabine John, E. Ger 6897  
  Anke Behmer, E. Ger 6858