1984 Olympics - Los Angeles

For the third consecutive Olympiad, a boycott prevented all member nations from attending the Summer Games. This time, the Soviet Union and 13 Communist allies stayed home in an obvious payback for the West's snub of Moscow in 1980. Romania was the only Warsaw Pact country to come to L.A.

While a record 140 nations did show up, the level of competition was hardly what it might have been had the Soviets and East Germans made the trip. As a result, the United States won a record 83 gold medals in the most lopsided Summer Games since St. Louis 80 years before.

The American gold rush was led by 23-year-old Carl Lewis, who duplicated Jesse Owens' 1936 track and field grand slam by winning the 100 and 200 meters and the long jump, and anchoring the 4x100 meter relay. Teammate Valerie Brisco-Hooks won three times, taking the 200, 400 and 4x100 relay.

Sebastian Coe of Britain became the first repeat winner of the 1,500 meters since Jim Lightbody of the U.S. in 1906. Other repeaters were Briton Daley Thompson in the decathlon and U.S. hurdler Edwin Moses, who won in 1976 but was not allowed to defend his title in '80.

Romanian gymnast Ecaterina Szabó matched Lewis' four gold medals and added a silver, but the darling of the Games was little (4-foot-83/4), 16-year-old Mary Lou Retton, who won the women's All-Around with a pair of 10s in her last two events.

The L.A. Olympics were the first privately financed Games ever and made an unheard of profit of $215 million. Time magazine was so impressed it named organizing president Peter Ueberroth its Man of the Year.


Event   Time  
 100m Carl Lewis, USA 9.99  
  Sam Graddy, USA 10.19  
  Ben Johnson, CAN 10.22  
 200m Carl Lewis, USA 19.80 OR
  Kirk Baptiste, USA 19.96  
  Thomas Jefferson, USA 20.26  
 400m Alonzo Babers, USA 44.27  
  Gabriel Tiacoh, CIV 44.54  
  Antonio McKay, USA 44.71  
 800m Joaquim Cruz, BRA 1:43.00 OR
  Sebastian Coe, GBR 1:43.64  
  Earl Jones, USA 1:43.83  
1500m Sebastian Coe, GBR 3:32.53 OR
  Steve Cram, GBR 3:33.40  
  José Abascal, SPA 3:34.30  
5000m Said Aouita, MOR 13:05.59 OR
  Markus Ryffel, SWI 13:07.54  
  Antoaio Leitao, POR 13:09.20  
10,000m Alberto Cova, ITA 27:47.54  
  Michael McLeod, GBR* 28:06.22  
  Mike Musyoki, KEN 28:06.46  
Marathon Carlos Lopes, POR 2:09:21 OR
  John Treacy, IRE 2:09:56  
  Charles Spedding, GBR 2:09:58  
110m H Roger Kingdom, USA 13.20 OR
  Greg Foster, USA 13.23  
  Arto Bryggare, FIN 13.40  
400m H Edwin Moses, USA 47.75  
  Danny Harris, USA 48.13  
  Harald Schmid, W. Ger 48.19  
Julius Korir, KEN 8:11.80  
  Joseph Mahmoud, FRA 8:13.31  
  Brian Diemer, USA 8:14.06  
20k Walk Ernesto Canto, MEX 1:23:13.0 OR
  Raul Gonzalez, MEX 1:23:20  
  Maurizio Damilano, ITA 1:23:26  
50k Walk Raúl González, MEX 3:47:26.0 OR
  Bo Gustafsson, SWE 3:53:19  
  Sandro Bellucci, ITA 3:53:45  
4x100m USA (Sam Graddy, Ron Brown,
Calvin Smith, Carl Lewis)
37.83 WR
  Jamaica 38.62  
  Canada 38.70  
4x400m USA (Sunder Nix, Ray
Armstead, Alonzo Babers,
Antonio McKay)
  Great Britain 2:59.13  
  Nigeria 2:59.32  
*Martti Väiniö, FIN, disqualified from 2nd position after failing a drug test.
Event   Mark  
High Jump Dietmar Mögenburg, W. Ger 7- 81/2  
  Patrik Sjöberg, SWE 7-73/4  
  Jianhua Zhu, CHN 7-7  
Pole Vault Pierre Quinon, FRA 18-101/4  
  Mike Tully, USA 18-61/2  
  Earl Bell, USA 18-41/2  
Long Jump Carl Lewis, USA 28- 01/4  
  Gary Honey, AUS 27-01/2  
  Giovanni Evangelisti, ITA 27-01/2  
Triple Jump Al Joyner, USA 56- 71/2  
  Mike Conley, USA 56-41/2  
  Keith Connor, GBR 55-41/2  
Shot Put Alessandro Andrei, ITA 69- 9  
  Michael Carter, USA 69-21/2  
  Dave Laut, USA 68-93/4  
Discus Rolf Danneberg, W. Ger 218- 6  
  Mac Wilkins, USA 217-6  
  John Powell, USA 214-9  
Hammer Juha Tiainen, FIN 256- 2  
  Karl-Hans Riehm, W. Ger 255-10  
  Klaus Ploghaus, W. Ger 251-7  
Javelin Arto Harkönen, FIN 284- 8  
  David Ottley, GBR 281-3  
  Kenth Eldebrink, SWE 274-8  
Decathlon Daley Thompson, GBR 8798 pts =WR
  Jürgen Hingsen, W. Ger 8673  
  Siegfried Wentz, W. Ger 8412  


Event   Time  
 100m Evelyn Ashford, USA 10.97 OR
  Alice Brown, USA 11.13  
  Merlene Ottey, JAM 11.16  
 200m Valerie Brisco-Hooks, USA 21.81 OR
  Florence Griffith, USA 22.04  
  Merlene Ottey, JAM 22.09  
 400m Valerie Brisco-Hooks, USA 48.83 OR
  Chandra Cheeseborough, USA 49.05  
  Kthryn Cook, GBR 49.42  
 800m Doina Melinte, ROM 1:57.60  
  Kim Gallagher, USA 1:58.63  
  Fita Lovin, ROM 1:58.83  
1500m Gabriella Dorio, ITA 4:03.25  
  Doina Melinte, ROM 4:03.76  
  Maricica Puica, ROM 4:04.15  
3000m Maricica Puica, ROM 8:35.96 OR
  Wendy Sly, GBR 8:39.47  
  Lynn WIlliams, CAN 8:42.14  
Marathon Joan Benoit, USA 2:24.52  
  Grete Waitz, NOR 2:26:18  
  Rosa Mota, POR 2:26:57  
100m H Benita Fitzergald-Brown, USA 12.84  
  Shirley Strong, GBR 12.88  
  Kim Turner, USA / Michele Chardonnet, FRA 13.06  
400m H Nawal El Moutawakel, MOR 54.61 OR
  Judi Brown, USA 55.20  
  Cristina Cojocaru, ROM 55.41  
4x100m USA (Alice Brown, Jeanette Bolden,
Chandra Cheeseborough,
Evelyn Ashford)
  Canada 42.77  
  Great Britain 43.11  
4x400m USA (Lillie Leatherwood, Sherri Howard, Valerie Brisco-Hooks,
Chandra Cheeseborough)
3:18.29 OR
  Canada 3:21.21  
  West Germany 3:22.98  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Ulrike Meyfarth, W. Ger 6- 71/2 OR
  Sara Simeoni, ITA 6-63/4  
  Joni Huntley, USA 6-51/2  
Long Jump Anisoara Stanciu, ROM 22-10  
  Vali Ionescu, ROM 22-41/4  
  Susan Hearnshaw, GBR 22-33/4  
Shot Put Claudia Losch, W. Ger 67- 21/4  
  Mihaela Loghin, ROM 67-2  
  Gael Martin, AUS 62-111/2  
Discus Ria Stalman, NED 214- 5  
  Leslie Deniz, USA 212-9  
  Florenta Craciunescu, ROM 208-9  
Javelin Tessa Sanderson, GBR 228- 2 OR
  Tiina Lillak, FIN 226-4  
  Fatima Whitbread, GBR 220-5  
Heptathlon Glynis Nunn, AUS 6390 pts OR
  Jackie Joyner, USA 6385  
  Sabine Everts, W. Ger 6363