1980 Olympics - Moscow

Four years after 32 nations walked out of the Montreal Games, twice that many chose to stay away from Moscow–many in support of an American-led boycott to protest the December 1979, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Unable to persuade the IOC to cancel or move the Summer Games, U.S. President Jimmy Carter pressured the USOC to officially withdraw in April. Many western governments, like West Germany and Japan, followed suit and withheld their athletes. But others, like Britain and France, while supporting the boycott, allowed their Olympic committees to participate if they wished.

The first Games to be held in a Communist country opened in July with 80 nations competing and were dominated by the USSR and East Germany. They were also plagued by charges of rigged judging and poor sportsmanship by Moscow fans who, without the Americans around, booed the Poles and East Germans unmercifully.

While Soviet gymnast Aleksandr Dityatin became the first athlete to win eight medals in one year, the belle of Montreal, Nadia Comaneci of Romania, returned to win two more gold medals and Cuban heavyweight Teofilo Stevenson became the first boxer to win three golds in the same weight division.

In track and field, Miruts Yifter of Ethiopia won at 5,000 and 10,000 meters, but the most thrilling moment of the Games came in the last lap of the 1,500 meters where Sebastian Coe of Great Britain outran countryman Steve Ovett and Jurgen Straub of East Germany for the gold.


Event   Time  
 100m Allan Wells, GBR 10.25  
  Silvio Leonard, CUB 10.25  
  Petar Petrov, BUL 10.39  
 200m Pietro Mennea, ITA 20.19  
  Allan Wells, GBR 20.21  
  Donald Quarrie, JAM 20.29  
 400m Viktor Markin, USSR 44.60  
  Richard Mitchell, AUS 44.84  
  Frank Schaffer, E. Ger 44.87  
 800m Steve Ovett, GBR 1:45.4  
  Sebastian Coe, GBR 1:45.9  
  Nikolai Kirov, USSR 1:46.0  
1500m Sebastian Coe, GBR 3:38.4  
  Jürgen Straub, E. Ger 3:38.8  
  Steven Ovett, GBR 3:39.0  
5000m Miruts Yifter, ETH 13:21.0  
  Suleiman Nyambui, TAN 13:21.6  
  Kaarlo Maaninka, FIN 13:22.0  
10,000m Miruts Yifter, ETH 27:42.7  
  Kaarlo Maaninka, FIN 27:44.3  
  Mohammed Kedir, ETH 27:44.7  
Marathon Waldemar Cierpinski, E. Ger 2:11:03  
  Gerard Nijboer, NED 2:11.20  
  Sat. Dzhumanazarov, USSR 2:11.35  
110m H Thomas Munkelt, E. Ger 13.39  
  Alejandro Casanas, CUB 13.40  
  Alexander Puchkov, USSR 13.44  
400m H Volker Beck, E. Ger 48.70  
  Vasiliy Arkhipenko, USSR 48.86  
  Gary Oakes, GBR 49.11  
Bronislaw Malinowski, POL 8:09.7  
  Filbert Bayi, TAN 8:12.5  
  Eshetu Tura, ETH 8:13.6  
20k Walk Maurizio Damilano, ITA 1:23:35.5 OR
  Pyotr Pochenchuk, USSR 1:24:45.4  
  Roland Wieser, E. Ger 1:25:58.2  
50k Walk Hartwig Gauder, E. Ger 3:49:24.0  
  Jorge Llopart, SPA 3:51:25  
  Yevgeniy Ivchenko, USSR 3:56:32  
4x100m USSR (Vladimir Muravyov, Nikolai
Sidorov, Aleksandr Aksinin,
Andrei Prokofiev)
  Poland 38.33  
  France 38.53  
4x400m USSR (Remigius Valiulis, Mikhail
Linge, Nikolai Chernetsky,
Viktor Markin)
  East Germany 3:01.3  
  Italy 3:04.3  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Gerd Wessig, E. Ger 7- 83/4 WR
  Jacek Wszola, POL 7-7  
  Jörg Freimuth, E. Ger 7-7  
Pole Vault Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz, POL 18-111/2 WR
  Konstantin Volkov, USSR / Tadeusz Slusarski, POL 18-61/2  
Long Jump Lutz Dombrowski, E. Ger 28- 01/4  
  Frank Paschek, E. Ger 26-111/4  
  Valeri Podluzhniy, USSR 26-10  
Triple Jump Jaak Uudmäe, USSR 56-111/4  
  Viktor Saneyev, USSR 56-63/4  
  Joao de Oliveira, BRA 56-6  
Shot Put Vladimir Kiselyov, USSR 70- 01/2 OR
  Alexander Baryshnikov, USSR 69-2  
  Udo Beyer, E. Ger 69-11/4  
Discus Viktor Rashchupkin, USSR 218- 8  
  Imrich Bugar, CZE 217-9  
  Luis Delis, CUB 217-7  
Hammer Yuri Sedykh, USSR 268- 4 WR
  Sergey Litvinov, USSR 264-6  
  Yuriy Tamm, USSR 259-0  
Javelin Dainis Kula, USSR 299- 2  
  Alexander Makarov, USSR 294-1  
  Wolfgang Hanisch, E. Ger 284-6  
Decathlon Daley Thompson, GBR 8495 pts  
  Yuriy Kutsenko, USSR 8331  
  Sergey Zhelanov, USSR 8135  


Event   Time  
 100m Lyudmila Kondratyeva, USSR 11.06  
  Marlies Göhr, E. Ger 11.07  
  Ingrid Auerswald, E. Ger 11.14  
 200m Bärbel E. Wöckel, E. Ger 22.03 OR
  Natalya Bochina, USSR 22.19  
  Merlene Ottey, JAM 22.20  
 400m Marita Koch, E. Ger 48.88 OR
  Jarmila Kratochvilova, CZE 49.46  
  Christina Lathan, E. Ger 49.66  
 800m Nadezhda Olizarenko,USSR 1:53.42 WR
  Olga Mineyeva, USSR 1:54.9  
  Tatyana Providokhina, USSR 1:55.5  
1500m Tatyana Kazankina, USSR 3:56.6 OR
  Christiane Wartenberg, E. Ger 3:57.8  
  Nadyezda Olizarenko, USSR 3:59.6  
 100m H Vera Komisova, USSR 12.56 OR
  Johanna Klier, E. Ger 12.63  
  Lucyna Langer, POL 12.65  
4x100m E. Ger. (Romy Müller, Bärbel E.
Wöckel, Ingrid Auerswald,
Marlies O. Göhr)
41.60 WR
  Soviet Union 42.10  
  Great Britain 42.43  
4x400m USSR (Tatyana Prorochenko, Tatyana
Goistchik, Nina Zyuskova,
Irina Nazarova)
  East Germany 3:20.4  
  Great Britain 3:27.5  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Sara Simeoni, ITA 6- 51/2 OR
  Urszula Kielan, POL 6-41/2  
  Jutta Kirst, E. Ger 6-41/2  
Long Jump Tatiana Kolpakova, USSR 23- 2 OR
  Brigitte Wujak, E. Ger 23-11/4  
  Tatyana Skachko, USSR 23-0  
Shot Put Ilona Slupianke, E. Ger 73- 61/4  
  Svetlana Krachevskaya, USSR 70-31/4  
  Margitta Pufe, E. Ger 69-63/4  
Discus Evelin S. Jahl, E. Ger 229- 6 OR
  Maria Petkova-Vergova, BUL 222-9  
  Tatyana Lesovaya, USSR 221-1  
Javelin Maria Colon, CUB 224- 5 OR
  Saida Gunba, USSR 222-2  
  Ute Hommola, E. Ger 218-4  
Pentathlon Nadezhda Tkachenko, USSR 5083 pts WR
  Olga Rukavishnikova, USSR 4937  
  Olga Kuragina, USSR 4875