1976 Olympics - Montreal

In 1970, when Montreal was named to host the Summer Olympics '76, organizers estimated it would cost $310 million to stage the Games. However, due to political corruption, mismanagement, labor disputes, inflation and a $100 million outlay for security to prevent another Munich, the final bill came to more than $1.5 billion.

Then, right before the Games were scheduled to open in July, 32 nations, most of them from black Africa, walked out when the IOC refused to ban New Zealand because its national rugby team was touring racially segregated South Africa. Taiwan also withdrew when Communist China pressured trading partner Canada to deny the Taiwanese the right to compete as the Republic of China.

When the Games finally got started they were quickly stolen by 14-year-old Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, who scored seven perfect 10s on her way to three gold medals.

East Germany's Kornelia Ender did Comaneci one better, winning four times as the GDR captured 11 of 13 events in women's swimming. John Naber (4 gold) and the U.S. men did the East German women one better when they won 12 of 13 gold medals in swimming.

In track and field, Cuba's Alberto Juantorena won the 400 and 800-meter runs, and Finland's Lasse Viren took the 5,000 and 10,000. Viren missed a third gold when he placed fifth in the marathon.

Four Americans who became household names during the Games were decathlon winner Bruce Jenner and three future world boxing champions–Ray Leonard and the Spinks brothers, Michael and Leon.


Event   Time  
 100m Hasely Crawford, TRI 10.06  
  Donald Quarrie, JAM 10.08  
  Valeriy Borsov, USSR 10.14  
 200m Donald Quarrie, JAM 20.23  
  Millard Hampton, USA 20.29  
  Dwayne Evans, USA 20.43  
 400m Alberto Juantorena, CUB 44.26  
  Fred Newhouse, USA 44.40  
  Herman Frazier, USA 44.95  
 800m Alberto Juantorena, CUB 1:43.50 WR
  Ivo van Damme, BEL 1:43.9  
  Richard Wohlhuter, USA 1:44.1  
1500m John Walker, NZE 3:39.17  
  Ivo van Damme, BEL 3:39.3  
  Paul-Heinz Wellmann, W. Ger 3:39.3  
5000m Lasse Viren, FIN 13:24.76  
  Dick Quax, NZL 13:25.2  
  Klaus-P.Hildenbrand, E. Ger 13:25.4  
10,000m Lasse Viren, FIN 27:40.38  
  Carlos Lopez, POR 27:45.2  
  Brendan Foster, GBR 27:54.9  
Marathon Waldemar Cierpinski, E. Ger 2:09:55 OR
  Frank Shorter, USA 2:10:45.8  
  Karel Lismont, BEL 2:11:12.6  
110m H Guy Drut, FRA 13.30  
  Alejandro Casanas, CUB 13.33  
  Willie Davenport, USA 13.38  
400m H Edwin Moses, USA 47.64 WR
  Michael Shine, USA 48.69  
  Yevgeniy Gavrilenko, USSR 49.45  
Anders Gärdeud, SWE 8:08.2 WR
  Bronislaw Malinowski, POL 8:09.1  
  Frank Baumgartl, E. Ger 8:10.4  
20k Walk Daniel Bautista, MEX 1:24:40.6 OR
  Hans-Peter Reimann, E. Ger 1:25:13.8  
  Peter Frenkel, E. Ger 1:25:29.4  
4x100m USA (Harvey Glance, Johnny
Jones, Millard Hampton,
Steve Riddick)
  East Germany 38.66  
  Soviet Union 38.78  
4x400m USA (Herman Frazier, Benjamin
Brown, Fred Newhouse,
Maxie Parks)
  Poland 3:01.43  
  West Germany 3:01.98  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Jacek Wszola, POL 7- 41/2 OR
  Gregory Joy, CAN 7-33/4  
  Dwight Stones, USA 7-3  
Pole Vault Tadeusz Slusarski, POL 18- 01/2 =OR
  Antti Kalliomäki, FIN 18-01/2  
  David Roberts, USA 18-01/2  
Long Jump Arnie Robinson, USA 27- 43/4  
  Randy Williams, USA 26-71/4  
  Frank Wartenberg, E. Ger 26-33/4  
Triple Jump Viktor Saneyev, USSR 56- 83/4  
  James Butts, USA 56-81/2  
  Joao de Oliveira, BRA 55-51/2  
Shot Put Udo Beyer, E. Ger 69- 03/4  
  Yevgeniy Mironov, USSR 69-0  
  Alexander Baryshnikov, USSR 68-103/4  
Discus Mac Wilkins, USA 221- 5  
  Wolfgang Schmidt, E. Ger 217-3  
  John Powell, USA 215-7  
Hammer Yuri Sedykh, USSR 254- 4 OR
  Alexey Spiridonov, USSR 249-7  
  Anatoliy Bondarchuk, USSR 247-8  
Javelin Miklos Nèmeth, HUN 310- 4 WR
  Hannu Siitonen, FIN 288-5  
  Gheorghe Megelea, ROM 285-11  
Decathlon Bruce Jenner, USA 8617 pts WR
  Guido Kratschmer, W. Ger 8411  
  Nikolai Avilov, USSR 8369


Event   Time  
 100m Annegret Richter, W. Ger 11.08  
  Renate Stecher, E. Ger 11.13  
  Inge Helten, W. Ger 11.17  
 200m Bärbel Eckert, E. Ger 22.37 OR
  Annegret Richter, W. Ger 22.39  
  Renate Stecher, E. Ger 22.47  
 400m Irena K. Szewinska, POL 49.29 WR
  Christina Brehmer, E. Ger 50.51  
  Ellen Streidt, E. Ger 50.55  
 800m Tatyana Kazankina, USSR 1:54.94 WR
  Nikolina Shtereva, BUL 1:55.4  
  Elfie Zinn, E. Ger 1:55.6  
1500m Tatyana Kazankina, USSR 4:05.48  
  Gunhild Hoffmeister, E. Ger 4:06.0  
  Ulrike Klapezynski, E. Ger 4:06.1  
100m H Johanna Schaller, E. Ger 12.77  
  Tatyana Anisimova, USSR 12.78  
  Natalya Lebedeva, USSR 12.80  
4x100m E. Ger. (Marlies Oelsner, Renate
Stecher, Carla Bodendorf,
Barbel Eckert)
42.55 OR
  West Germany 42.59  
  Soviet Union 43.09  
4x400m E. Ger. (Doris Maletzki, Brigitte
Rohde, Ellen Streidt,
Christina Brehmer)
3:19.23 WR
  United States 3:22.8  
  Soviet Union 3:24.2  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Rosemarie Ackermann, E. Ger 6- 4 OR
  Sara Simeoni, ITA 6-31/4  
  Yordanka Blagoyeva, BUL 6-31/4  
Long Jump Angela Voigt, E. Ger 22- 03/4  
  Kathy McMillan, USA 21-101/4  
  Lidia Alfeyeva, USSR 21-8  
Shot Put Ivanka Hristova, BUL 69- 51/4 OR
  Nadyezda Chizhova, USSR 68-91/4  
  Helena Fibingerová, CZE 67-93/4  
Discus Evelin Schlaak, E. Ger 226- 4 OR
  Maria Vergova, BUL 220-9  
  Gabriele Hinzmann, E. Ger 219-3  
Javelin Ruth Fuchs, E. Ger 216- 4 OR
  Marion Becker, W. Ger 212-3  
  Kathy Schmidt, USA 209-10  
Pentathlon Siegrun Siegl, E. Ger 4745 pts  
  Christine Laser, E. Ger 4745  
  Burglinde Pollak, E. Ger 4740