1964 Olympics - Tokyo

Twenty-six years after Japan's wartime government forced the Japanese Olympic Committee to resign as hosts of the 1940 Summer Games, Tokyo welcomed the world to the first Asian Olympics. The new Japan spared no expenseľa staggering $3 billion was spent to rebuild the cityľand was rewarded with a record-breaking fortnight.

Twelve world and six Olympic records fell in swimming alone, with Americans accounting for 13. Eighteen-year-old Don Schollander led the way, winning two individual and two relay gold medals to become the first swimmer to win four events in one Games. Sharon Stouder collected three golds and a silver for the U.S. women, but the most remarkable performance of all belonged to Australian Dawn Fraser, who won the 100-meter freestyle for the third straight Olympics.

In track and field, Al Oerter of the U.S. won the discus for the third straight time. His record toss was one of 25 world and Olympic marks broken. Another fell when Billy Mills of the U.S. electrified the Games by coming from behind for an upset win in the 10,000 meters. New Zealander Peter Snell, the defending 800-meter champion, won both the 800 and 1,500 (last done in 1920).

Sprinter Bob Hayes of the U.S. equaled the world record of 10 seconds flat in the 100 meters, but stunned the crowd with a sub-nine second, come-from-behind anchor leg to lead the U.S. to set a world record in the 4x100 meters.

Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia became the first runner to win consecutive marathons. The remarkable Betty Cuthbert of Australia, who won three sprint gold medals in Melbourne, came back eight years later at age 26 to win the 400. And Soviet gymnast Larissa Latynina won six medals for the second Olympics in a row.


Event   Time  
 100m Bob Hayes, USA 10.0 =WR
  Enrique Figuerola, CUB 10.2  
  Harry Jerome, CAN 10.2  
 200m Henry Carr, USA 20.3 OR
  Otis Paul Drayton, USA 20.5  
  Edwin Roberts, TRI 20.6  
 400m Mike Larrabee, USA 45.1  
  Wendell Motley, TRI 45.2  
  Andrzej Badenski, POL 45.6  
 800m Peter Snell, NZE 1:45.1 OR
  William Crothers, CAN 1:45.6  
  Wilson Kiprugut, KEN 1:45.9  
1500m Peter Snell, NZE 3:38.1  
  Josef Odlozil, CZE 3:39.6  
  John Davies, NZL 3:39.6  
5000m Bob Schul, USA 13:48.8  
  Harald Norpoth, GER 13:49.6  
  William Dellinger, USA 13:49.8  
10,000m Billy Mills, USA 28:24.4 OR
  Mohamed Gammoudi, TUN 28:24.8  
  Ronald Clarke, AUS 28:25.8  
Marathon Abebe Bikila, ETH 2:12:11.2 WB
  Basil Heatley, GBR 2:16:19.2  
  Kokichi Tsuburaya, JPN 2:16:22.8  
110m H Hayes Jones, USA 13.6  
  Blaine Lindgren, USA 13.7  
  Anatoliy Mikhailov, USSR 13.7  
400m H Rex Cawley, USA 49.6  
  John Cooper, GBR 50.1  
  Salvatore Morale, ITA 50.1  
Gaston Roelants, BEL 8:30.8 OR
  Maurice Herriott, GBR 8:32.4  
  Ivan Belyayev, USSR 8:33.8  
20k Walk Ken Matthews, GBR 1:29:34.0 OR
  Dieter Lindner, GER 1:31:13.2  
  Vladimir Golubnichy, USSR 1:31:59.4  
50k Walk Abdon Pamich, ITA 4:11:12.4 OR
  Paul V.Nihill, GBR 4:11:31.2  
  Ingvar Pettersson, SWE 4:14:17.4  
4x100m USA (Paul Drayton, Gerald Ashworth,
Richard Stebbins, Bob Hayes)
39.0 WR
  Poland 39.3  
  France 39.3  
4x400m USA (Ollan Cassell, Mike Larrabee,
Ulis Williams, Henry Carr)
3:00.7 WR
  Great Britain 3:01.6  
  Trinidad 3:01.7  
WB indicates world best.
Event   Mark  
High Jump Valery Brumel, USSR 7- 13/4 OR
  John Thomas, USA 7-13/4  
  John Rambo, USA 7-1  
Pole Vault Fred Hansen, USA 16- 83/4 OR
  Wolfgang Reinhardt, GER 16-63/4  
  Klaus Lehnertz, GER 16-43/4  
Long Jump Lynn Davies, GBR 26- 53/4  
  Ralph Boston, USA 26-4  
  Igor Ter-Ovanesyan, USSR 26-21/2  
Triple Jump Jˇzef Schmidt, POL 55- 31/2 OR
  Oleg Fedoseyev, USSR 54-43/4  
  Viktor Kravchenko, USSR 54-41/4  
Shot Put Dallas Long, USA 66- 81/2 OR
  Randy Matson, USA 66-31/4  
  Vilmos Varju, HUN 63-71/4  
Discus Al Oerter, USA 200- 1 OR
  Ludvik Danek, CZE 198-6  
  David Weill, USA 195-2  
Hammer Romuald Klim, USSR 228-10 OR
  Gyula Zsivˇtzky, HUN 226-8  
  Uwe Beyer, GER 223-41/2  
Javelin Pauli Nevala, FIN 271- 2  
  Gergely Kulcsar, HUN 270-03/4  
  Janis Lusis, USSR 264-2  
Decathlon Willi Holdorf, GER 7887 pts  
  Rein Aun, USSR 7842  
  Hans-Joachim Walde, GER 7809


Event   Time  
 100m Wyomia Tyus, USA 11.4   
  Edith McGuire, USA 11.6  
  Ewa Klobukowska, POL* 11.6  
 200m Edith McGuire, USA 23.0  OR
  Irena Kirszenstein, POL 23.1  
  Marilyn Black, AUS 23.1  
 400m Betty Cuthbert, AUS 52.0  OR
  Ann Packer, GBR 52.2  
  Judith Amoore, AUS 53.4  
 800m Ann Packer, GBR 2:01.1  OR
  Maryvonne Dupureur, FRA 2:01.9  
  Ann Chamberlain, NZL 2:02.8  
 80m H Karin Balzer, GER 10.5w  
  Tereza Ciepla, POL 10.5  
  Pamela Kilborn, AUS 10.5  
4x100m POL (Teresa Ciepla, Irena
Kirszenstein, Halina Gˇrecka,
Ewa Klobukowska)
  United States 43.9  
  Great Britain 44.0  
*1967 Barred from competing as a result of a negative sex test.
Event   Mark  
High Jump Iolanda Balas, ROM 6- 23/4 OR
  Michele Brown-Mason, AUS 5-103/4  
  Taisia Chenchik, USSR 5-10  
Long Jump Mary Rand GBR 22- 21/4 WR
  Irena Kirszenstein, POL 21-73/4  
  Tatyana Schelkanova, USSR 21-03/4  
Shot Put Tamara Press, USSR 59- 61/4 OR
  Renate Garisch, GER 57-91/4  
  Galina Zybina, USSR 57-3  
Discus Tamara Press, USSR 187-10 OR
  Ingrid Lotz, GER 187-8  
  Lia Manoliu, ROM 186-101/2  
Javelin Mihaela Penes, ROM 198- 7  
  Marta Rudas, HUN 191-2  
  Yelena Gorchakova, USSR 187-2  
Pentathlon Irina Press, USSR 5246 pts WR
  Mary Rand, GBR 5035  
  Galina Bystrova, USSR 4956