1960 Olympics - Rome

Free of political entanglements, save the ruling that Nationalist China had to compete as Formosa, the 1960 Games attracted a record 5,348 athletes from 83 countries. More importantly, it was the first Summer Games covered by U.S. television. CBS bought the rights for $394,000.

Rome was a coming-out party for 18-year-old Louisville boxer Cassius Clay. The brash but engaging Clay, who would later change his name to Muhammad Ali and hold the world heavyweight title three times, won the Olympic light heavyweight crown, pummeling Polish opponent Zbigniew Pietryskowsky in the final. Clay was so proud of his gold medal that he didn't take it off for two days.

Sprinter Wilma Rudolph and swimmer Chris von Saltza each won three gold medals for the U.S. Rudolph, who was one of her father's 22 children and who couldn't walk without braces until she was nine, struck gold at 100 and 200 meters and anchored the winning 400-meter relay team. Von Saltza won the 400-meter freestyle, placed second in the 100-free and anchored the winning 4x100-free and medley relays.

The U.S. men won nine track and field titles, including repeat gold medals for Lee Calhoun, Glenn Davis and Al Oerter. Rafer Johnson and C.K. Yang of Formosa, college teammates at UCLA, finished 1-2 in the decathlon.

Among the other stars in Rome were barefoot Ethiopian marathoner Abebe Bikila, Australia's Herb Elliott in the 1,500 meters, Soviet gymnasts Boris Shakhlin and Larissa Latynina.

Finally, the greatest amateur basketball team ever assembled represented the U.S. and won easily. The 12-man roster included Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Jerry Lucas, Walt Bellamy and Terry Dischinger–four of whom would become NBA Rookies of the Year from 1961-64.


Event   Time  
 100m Armin Hary, GER 10.2 OR
  David Sime, USA 10.2  
  Peter Radford, GBR 10.3  
 200m Livio Berruti, ITA 20.5 =WR
  Lester Carney, USA 20.6  
  Abdoulaye Seye, FRA 20.7  
 400m Otis Davis, USA 44.9 WR
  Carl Kaufmann, GER 44.9  
  Malcolm Spence, S. Afr. 45.5  
 800m Peter Snell, NZE 1:46.3 OR
  Roger Moens, BEL 1:46.5  
  George Kerr, ANT 1:47.1  
1500m Herb Elliott, AUS 3:35.6 WR
  Michel Jazy, FRA 3:38.4  
  Istvan Rozsavölgyi, HUN 3:39.2  
5000m Murray Halberg, NZE 13:43.4  
  Hans Grodotzki, GER 13:44.6  
  Kasimierz Zimny, POL 13:44.8  
10,000m Pyotr Bolotnikov, USSR 28:32.2 OR
  Hans Grodotzki, GER 28:37.0  
  David Power, AUS 28:38.2  
Marathon Abebe Bikila, ETH 2:15:16.2 WB
  Rhadi Ben Abdesselam, MOR 2:15:41.6  
  Barry Magee, NZL 2:17:18.2  
110m H Lee Calhoun, USA 13.8  
  Willie May, USA 13.8  
  Hayes Jones, USA 14.0  
400m H Glenn Davis, USA 49.3 =OR
  Clifton Cushman, USA 49.6  
  Richard Howard, USA 49.7  
Zdzislaw Krzyszkowiak, POL 8:34.2 OR
  Nikolai Sokolov, USSR 8:36.4  
  Semyon Rischtschin, USSR 8:42.2  
20k Walk Vladimir Golubnichiy, USSR 1:34:07.2  
  Noel Freeman, AUS 1:34:16.4  
  Stanley Vickers, GBR 1:34:56.4  
50k Walk Don Thompson, GBR 4:25:30.0 OR
  John Ljunggren, SWE 4:25:47.0  
  Abdon Panich, ITA 4:27:55.4  
4x100m GER (Bernd Cullmann, Armin
Hary, Walter Mahlendorf,
Martin Lauer)
39.5 =WR
  Soviet Union 40.1  
  Great Britain 40.2  
4x400m USA (Jack Yerman, Earl Young,
Glenn Davis, Otis Davis)
3:02.2 WR
  Germany 3:02.7  
  Antilles 3:04.0  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Robert Shavlakadze, USSR 7- 1 OR
  Valeriy Brumel, USSR 7-1  
  John Thomas, USA 7-01/4  
Pole Vault Don Bragg, USA 15- 5 OR
  Ron Morris, USA 15-1  
  Eeles Landström, FIN 14-11  
Long Jump Ralph Boston, USA 26- 73/4 OR
  Irvin Roberson, USA 26-71/4  
  Igor Ter-Ovanesian, USSR 26-41/2  
Triple Jump Józef Schmidt, POL 55- 2  
  Vladimir Goryayev, USSR 54-61/4  
  Vitold Kreyer, USSR 53-103/4  
Shot Put Bill Nieder, USA 64- 63/4 OR
  Parry O'Brien, USA 62-81/4  
  Dallas Long, USA 62-41/4  
Discus Al Oerter, USA 194- 2 OR
  Richard Babka, USA 190-4  
  Dick Cochran, USA 187-6  
Hammer Vasily Rudenkov, USSR 220- 2 OR
  Gyula Zsivotzky, HUN 215-10  
  Tadeusz Rut, POL 215-4  
Javelin Viktor Tsibulenko, USSR 277- 8  
  Walter Krüger, GER 260-4  
  Gergely Kulcsar, HUN 257-9  
Decathlon Rafer Johnson, USA 8392 pts OR
  Chuan-Kwang Yang, TPE 8334  
  Vassily Kusnetsov, USSR 7809  


Event   Time  
 100m Wilma Rudolph, USA 11.0w  
  Dorothy Hyman, GBR 11.3  
  Giuseppina Leone, ITA 11.3  
 200m Wilma Rudolph, USA 24.0   
  Jutta Heine, GER 24.4  
  Dorothy Hyman, GBR 24.7  
 800m Lyudmila Shevtsova, USSR 2:04.3  =WR
  Brenda Jones, AUS 2:04.4  
  Ursula Donath, GER 2:05.6  
 80m H Irina Press, USSR 10.8   
  Carol Quinton, GBR 10.9  
  Gisela Birkemeyer-Köhler, GER 11.0  
4x100m USA (Martha Hudson, Lucinda
Williams, Barbara Jones,
Wilma Rudolph)
  Germany 44.8  
  Poland 45.0  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Iolanda Balas, ROM 6- 03/4 OR
  Jaroslawa Jozwiakowska, POL / Dorothy Shirley, GBR 5-71/4  
Long Jump Vyera Krepkina, USSR 20-103/4 OR
  Elzbieta Krzesinska, POL 20-63/4  
  Hildrun Claus, GER 20-41/4  
Shot Put Tamara Press, USSR 56-10 OR
  Johanna Lüttge, GER 54-53/4  
  Earlene Brown, USA 53-103/4  
Discus Nina R. Ponomaryeva, USSR 180- 9 OR
  Tamara Press, USSR 172-6  
  Lia Manoliu, ROM 171-9  
Javelin Elvira Ozolina, USSR 183- 8 OR
  Dana Zátopková, CZE 176-5  
  Birute Kalediena, USSR 175-4