1920 Olympics - Antwerp

The Olympic quadrennial, scheduled for Berlin in 1916, was interrupted by World War I–the so-called “War to End All Wars,” which had involved 28 countries and killed nearly 10 million troops in four years.

The four-year cycle of Olympiads–Berlin would have been the sixth–is still counted, however, even though the Games were not played.

Less than two years after the armistice, the Olympics resumed in Belgium, a symbolic and austere choice considering it had been occupied for four years by enemy forces. Still, 29 countries (one more than participated in the war) sent a record 2,600 athletes to the Games. Germany and Austria, the defeated enemies of Belgium and the Allies, were not invited.

The United States turned in the best overall team performance, winning 41 gold medals, but the talk of the Games was 23-year-old distance runner Paavo Nurmi of Finland. Nurmi won the 10,000-meter run and 8,000-meter cross-country, took a third gold in the team cross-country and silver in the 5,000-meter run. In all, Finland won nine track and field gold medals to break the U.S. dominance in the sport.

Elsewhere, Albert Hill of Britain made his Olympic debut at age 36 and won both the 800 and 1,500-meter runs. World record holder Charley Paddock of the U.S. won the 100 meters, but was upset in the 200 by teammate Allen Woodring, who was a last-minute addition to the team.

Event   Time  
  100m Charley Paddock, USA 10.8  
  Morris Kirksey, USA 10.8  
  Harry Edward, GBR 11.0  
  200m Allen Woodring, USA 22.0  
  Charley Paddock, USA 22.1  
  Harry Edward, GBR 22.2  
  400m Bevil Rudd, S. Afr. 49.6  
  Guy Butler, GBR 49.9  
  Nils Engdahl, SWE 50.0  
  800m Albert Hill, GBR 1:53.4  
  Earl Eby, USA 1:53.6  
  Bevil Rudd, S. Afr. 1:54.0  
 1500m Albert Hill, GBR 4:01.8  
  Philip Noel-Baker, GBR 4:02.4  
  Lawrence Shields, USA 4:03.1  
 5000m Joseph Guillemot, FRA 14:55.6  
  Paavo Nurmi, FIN 15:00.0  
  Erik Backman, SWE 15:13.0  
10,000m Paavo Nurmi, FIN 31:45.8  
  Joseph Guillemot, FRA 31:47.2  
  James Wilson, GBR 31:50.8  
Paavo Nurmi, FIN 27:15.0  
  Erik Backman, SWE 27:15.6  
  Heikki Liimatainen, FIN 27:37.4  
Marathon Hannes Kolehmainen, FIN 2:32:35.8 WB
  Juri Lossman, EST 2:32:48.6  
  Valerio Arri, ITA 2:36:32.8  
110m H Earl Thomson, CAN 14.8 WR
  Harold Barron, USA 15.1  
  Frederick Murray, USA 15.2  
400m H Frank Loomis, USA 54.0 WR
  John Norton, USA 54.3  
  August Desch, USA 54.5  
Percy Hodge, GBR 10:00.4 OR
  Patrick Flynn, USA    
  Ernesto Ambrosini, ITA    
3k Walk Ugo Frigerio, ITA 13:14.2 OR
  George Parker, AUS    
  Richard F. Remer, USA    
10k Walk Ugo Frigerio, ITA 48:06.2  
  Joseph Pearman, USA    
  Charles Gunn, GBR    
4x100m USA (Charley Paddock, Jackson
Scholz, Loren Murchison,
Morris Kirksey)
42.2 WR
  FRA 42.6  
  SWE 42.9  
4x400m GBR (Cecil Griffiths, Robert Lindsay,
John Ainsworth-Davis,
Guy Butler)
  South Africa 3:24.2  
  France 3:24.8  
USA (Horace Brown, Arlie Schardt,
Ivan Dresser)
10 pts  
  GBR 20 pts  
  SWE 24 pts  
FIN (Paavo Nurmi, Heikki
Liimatainen, Teodor
10 pts  
  GBR 21 pts  
  SWE 23 pts  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Richmond Landon, USA 6- 4 =OR
  Harold Muller, USA 6- 23/4  
  Bo Ekeland, SWE 6- 23/4  
Pole Vault Frank Foss, USA 13- 5 WR
  Henry Petersen, DAN 12- 11/2  
  Edwin Myers, USA 11- 91/2  
Long Jump William Petersson, SWE 23- 51/2  
  Carl Johnson, USA 23- 31/4  
  Erik Abrahamsson, SWE 23- 21/2  
Triple Jump Vilho Tuulos, FIN 47- 7  
  Folke Jansson, SWE 47- 6  
  Erik Almlöf, SWE 49- 93/4  
Shot Put Ville Pörhölä, FIN 48- 71/4  
  Elmer Niklander, FIN 46- 51/4  
  Harry Liversedge, USA 46- 5  
56-lb Throw Babe McDonald, USA 36-111/2 OR
  Patrick Ryan, USA 36- 0  
  Carl Johan Lind, SWE 33- 73/4  
Discus Elmer Niklander, FIN 146- 7  
  Armas Taipale, FIN 144- 111/2  
  Augustus Pope, USA 138- 21/2  
Hammer Pat Ryan, USA 173- 5  
  Carl Johan Lind, SWE 158- 101/2  
  Basil Bennet, USA 158- 31/2  
Javelin Jonni Myyrä, FIN 215-10 OR
  Urho Peltonen, FIN 208- 4  
  Paavo Jaale-Johansson, FIN 207- 0  
Pentathlon Eero Lehtonen, FIN 14 pts  
  Everett Bradley, USA 24 pts  
  Hugo Lahtinen, FIN 26 pts  
Decathlon Helge Lövland, NOR 6803 pts  
  Brutus Hamilton, USA 6771.085 pts  
  Bertil Ohlson, SWE 6580.030 pts