1912 Olympics - Stockholm

The belligerence of 1908 was replaced with benevolence four years later, as Sweden provided a well-organized and pleasant haven for the troubled Games.

And then there were Jim Thorpe and Hannes Kolehmainen.

Thorpe, a 24-year-old American Indian who was a two-time consensus All-America football player at Carlisle (Pa.) Institute, won the two most demanding events in track and field–the pentathlon and decathlon. And he did it with ease. “You sir,” said the Swedes' King Gustav V at the medal ceremony, “are the greatest athlete in the world.” To which Thorpe is said to have replied, “Thanks, King.”

Kolehmainen, a 22-year-old Finnish vegetarian, ran away with three distance events being run for the first time–the 5,000 and 10,000-meter races and the 12,000-meter cross-country run. He also picked up a silver medal in the 12,000-meter team race.

Ralph Craig of the U.S. was the only other winner of two individual track gold medals, taking both the 100 and 200-meter runs. The 100 final had seven false starts, one with Craig sprinting the entire distance before being called back.

Although Thorpe returned to the U.S. a hero, a year later it was learned that he had played semi-pro baseball for $25 a week in 1909 and 1910. The IOC, with the full support of the American Olympic Committee, stripped him of his medals and erased his records.

The medals and records were restored in 1982–29 years after Thorpe's death.

Event   Time  
 100m Ralph Craig, USA 10.8 =OR
  Alvah Meyer, USA 10.9  
  Donald Lippincott, USA 10.9  
 200m Ralph Craig, USA 21.7  
  Donald Lippincott, USA 21.8  
  William Applegarth, GBR 22.0  
 400m Charlie Reidpath, USA 48.2 OR
  Hanns Braun, GER 48.3  
  Edward Lindberg, USA 48.4  
 800m Ted Meredith, USA 1:51.9 WR
  Melvin Sheppard, USA 1:52.0  
  Ira Davenport, USA 1:52.0  
1500m Arnold Jackson, GBR 3:56.8 OR
  Abel Kiviat, USA 3:56.9  
  Norman Taber, USA 3:56.9  
5000m Hannes Kolehmainen, FIN 14:36.6 WR
  Jean Bouin, FRA 14:36.7  
  George Hutson, GBR 15:07.6  
10,000m Hannes Kolehmainen, FIN 31:20.8  
  Louis Tewanima, USA 32:06.6  
  Albin Stenroos, FIN 32:21.8  
Hannes Kolehmainen, FIN 45:11.6  
  Hjalmar Andersson, SWE 45:44.8  
  John Eke, SWE 46:37.6  
Marathon Kenneth McArthur, S. Afr. 2:36:54.8  
  Christian Gitsham, S. Afr. 2:37:52.0  
  Gaston Strobino, USA 2:38:42.4  
110m H Frederick Kelly, USA 15.1  
  James Wendell, USA 15.2  
  Martin Hawkins, USA 15.3  
10k Walk George Goulding, CAN 46:28.4  
  Ernest Webb, GBR 46:50.4  
  Fernando Altimani, ITA 47:37.6  
4x100m GBR (David Jacobs, Harold
Macintosh, Victor d'Arcy,
William Applegarth)
42.4 OR
  Sweden 42.6  
4x400m USA (Mel Sheppard, Edward
Lindberg, Ted Meredith,
Charlie Reidpath)
3:16.6 WR
  FRA 3:20.7  
  GBR 3:23.2  
3000m Team USA (Tel Berna, Norman Taber,
George Bonhag)
9 pts  
  SWE 13 pts  
  GBR 23 pts  
SWE (Hjalmar Andersson, John
Eke, Josef Ternström)
10 pts  
  FIN 11 pts  
  GBR 49 pts  
Event   Mark  
High Jump Alma Richards, USA 6- 4 OR
  Hans Liesche, GER 6- 31/4  
  George Horine, USA 6- 21/2  
Pole Vault Harry Babcock, USA 12-111/2 OR
  Marcus Wright, USA 12- 71/2  
  Frank Nelson, USA 12- 71/2  
Long Jump Albert Gutterson, USA 24-111/4 OR
  Calvin Bricker, CAN 23- 73/4  
  Georg Aberg, SWE 23- 61/2  
Triple Jump Gustaf Lindblom, SWE 48-51/4  
  Georg Aberg, SWE 47- 71/4  
  Erik Almlöf, SWE 89- 81/4  
Shot Put Babe McDonald, USA 50- 4 OR
  Ralph Rose, USA 50- 01/4  
  Lawrence Whitney, USA 46- 5  
Discus Armas Taipale, FIN 148- 3 OR
  Richard Byrd, USA 138- 10  
  James Duncan, USA 138- 81/2  
Hammer Matt McGrath, USA 179- 7 OR
  Duncan Gillis, CAN 158- 9  
  Clarence Childs, USA 158- 0  
Javelin Erik Lemming, SWE 198-11 WR
  Juho Saaristo, FIN 192- 5  
  Mór Kóczán, HUN 182- 1  
Pentathlon Jim Thorpe, USA 7 pts  
  James Donahue, USA 24 pts  
  Frank Lukemann, CAN 24 pts  
Decathlon Jim Thorpe, USA 8412 pts WR
  Charles Lomberg, SWE 7413.510  
  Gösta Holmér, SWE 7347.855  
Event   Mark
High Jump Platt Adams, USA 5- 41/4
  Benjamin Adams, USA 5- 3
  Konstantin Tsiklitiras, GRE 5- 11/4
Long Jump Konstantin Tsiklitiras, GRE 11-03/4
  Platt Adams, USA 11- 01/2
  Benjamin Adams, USA 10- 91/4
Both Hands Mark
Shot Put Ralph Rose, USA 90-101/2
  Patrick McDonald, USA 50- 4
  Elmer Niklander, FIN 89- 81/4
Discus Armas Taipale, FIN 271-10
  Elmer Niklander, FIN 255- 111/2
  Emil Magnusson, SWE 254- 01/2
Javelin Juho Saaristo, FIN 359- 0
  Väinö Siikaniemi, FIN 332- 01/2
  Urho Peltonen, FIN 329- 81/2