1904 Olympics - St. Louis

Originally scheduled for Chicago, the Games were moved to St. Louis and held in conjunction with the centennial celebration of the Louisiana Purchase.

The program included more sports than in Paris, but with only 13 nations sending athletes, the first Olympics to be staged in the United States had a decidedly All-American flavor—over 500 of the 687 competitors were Americans. Little wonder the home team won 80 percent of the medals.

The rout was nearly total in track and field where the U.S.–led by triple-winners Ray Ewry, Archie Hahn, Jim Lightbody and Harry Hillman–took 23 of 25 gold medals and swept 20 events.

The marathon, which was run over dusty roads in brutally hot weather, was the most bizarre event of the Games. Thomas Hicks of the U.S. won, but only after his handlers fed him painkillers during the race. And an impostor nearly stole the victory when Fred Lorz, who dropped out after nine miles, was seen trotting back to the finish line to retrieve his clothes. Amused that officials thought he had won the race, Lorz played along until he was found out shortly after the medal ceremony. Banned for life by the AAU, Lorz was reinstated a year later and won the 1905 Boston Marathon.

Event   Time  
  60m Archie Hahn, USA 7.0 =WR
  William Hogenson, USA 7.2  
  Fay Moulton, USA 7.2  
 100m Archie Hahn, USA 11.0  
  Nathaniel Cartmell, USA 11.2  
  Willaim Hogenson, USA 11.2  
 200m Archie Hahn, USA 21.6 OR
  Nathaniel Cartmell, USA 21.9  
  Willaim Hogenson, USA    
 400m Harry Hillman, USA 49.2 OR
  Frank Waller, USA 49.9  
  Herman Groman, USA 50.0  
 800m Jim Lightbody, USA 1:56.0 OR
  Howard Valentine, USA 1:56.3  
  Emil Breitkreuz, USA 1:56.4  
1500m Jim Lightbody, USA 4:05.4 WR
  W. Frank Verner, USA 4:06.8  
  Lacey Hearn, USA    
Marathon Thomas Hicks, USA 3:28:53  
  Albert Coray, FRA 3:34:52  
  Arthur Newton, USA 3:47:33  
110m H Frederick Schule, USA 16.0  
  Thaddeus Shideler, USA 16.3  
  Lesley Ashburner, USA 16.4  
200m H Harry Hillman, USA 24.6 OR
  Frank Castleman, USA 24.9  
  George Poage, USA    
400m H Harry Hillman, USA 53.0  
  Frank Waller, USA 53.2  
  George Poage, USA    
Jim Lightbody, USA 7:39.6  
  John Daly, GBR/IRE 7:40.6  
  Arthur Newton, USA    
4-mile Team New York AC (Arthur Newton,
George Underwood, Paul
Pilgrim, Howard Valentine,
David Munson)
27 pts  
  United States    
Event   Mark  
High Jump Sam Jones, USA 5-11  
  Garrett Serviss, USA 5- 10  
  Paul Weinstein, GER 5- 10  
Pole Vault Charles Dvorak, USA 11- 53/4  
  LeRoy Samse, USA 11- 3  
  Louis Wilkins, USA 11- 3  
Long Jump Meyer Prinstein, USA 24- 1 OR
  Daniel Frank, USA 22- 71/4  
  Robert Stangland, USA 22- 7  
Triple Jump Meyer Prinstein, USA 47- 1  
  Frederick Englehardt, USA 45- 71/4  
  Robert Stangland, USA 43- 101/4  
Shot Put Ralph Rose, USA 48- 7 WR
  William W. Coe, USA 47- 3  
  Leon Feuerbach, USA 43- 101/2  
56-lb Throw Étienne Desmarteau, CAN 34- 4  
  John Flanagan, USA 27- 101/4  
  James Mitchell, USA 27- 91/2  
Discus Martin Sheridan, USA 128-101/2 OR
  Ralph Rose, USA 128- 101/2  
  Nicolaos Georgantas, GRE 123- 71/2  
Hammer John Flanagan, USA 168- 1 OR
  John DeWitt, USA 164- 101/2  
  Ralph Rose, USA 150- 0  
Triathlon Max Emmerich, USA 35.7 pts  
Decathlon Tom Kiely, IRE 6036 pts  
  Adam Gunn, USA 5907  
  Truxton Hare, USA 5813  
Note: Sheridan won Discus throw-off after tying with Rose for 1st.
Standing   Mark  
High Jump Ray Ewry, USA 5- 3  
  James Stadler, USA 4- 9  
  Lawson Robertson, USA 4- 9  
Long Jump Ray Ewry, USA 11- 47/8 WR
  Charles King, USA 10- 9  
  John Biller, USA 10- 81/2  
Triple Jump Ray Ewry, USA 34- 71/4  
  Charles King, USA 33- 41/2  
  James Stadler, USA 31- 31/2